Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program and Receive Up to $150 per Successful Referral

Locker (our WordPress backup and security service) has membership levels ranging from $15 to $75 per month.

When you successfully refer a new subscriber, we’ll pay you 100% of their first two payments.

So – if they sign up for the $15 per month service, you make up to $30. If they sign up for the $75 per month service, you make up to $150.

Why only “up to” $30 or $150? Because we pay commissions on payments we receive. So if a person cancels in his first month, you’ll only receive that part of the commission. Fortunately, our retention percentages are extremely high. Once a subscriber signs up, she tends to hang around for the long term.

Payment Schedule

We pay affiliates on the last day of the month for that month’s sales. So, whether you refer a new subscriber on the 13th or the 31st, you receive that commission on the last day of the same month (we can afford to do this because our cancellation and refund rates are so low).

Payments are made through Paypal.

Sign up for the Code Garage affiliate program today!