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Complete Archives

Sometimes important files end up outside your wp-content folder. We've got you covered - we back up the entire site.

Multiple Sites

Choosing which site to back up is like a parent choosing their favorite child. Cover as many sites as you need to on one affordable plan.

Historic Backups

Decide a week old theme change was a mistake? Grab a backup from the day before your design faux pas - up to 30 days old.

Crisis Help

Need to restore from a backup, but you're not sure how? We'll help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.


Are you sure you're backing up properly?

Backups are tricky - trickier than they ought to be. Servers are finicky. Databases go down when backups are running. Scheduled tasks mysteriously stop working. If your sites are worth backing up, it's worth making sure they're actually getting backed up.

Daily Backups

We backup both files and database every 24 hours, and run scans afterward to ensure the copy of your site matches your actual site exactly.

30 Day History

We'll hang onto your daily backups for 30 days - if something goes wrong, and you don't realize it until a week later, we can roll you back to the last safe backup.

Do you know what to do in case of disaster?

Backing up your site properly is only half the battle. When things go wrong, can you go from yesterday's backup to working site?

Self Serve Backup Downloads

Your latest backups (up to 30 days old) are available all the time from your Locker dashboard. If you're comfortable with the process, you can download and restore from these backups at any time.

Assisted Restore

If things go wrong and you aren't comfortable with restoring your site, we can help! We'll get you back up and running as soon as we can.

Don't Let Bad Behavior Go Unnoticed

Hackers are clever. They know that the sooner you notice your site has been hacked, the sooner you're going to clean it up - so they try to keep this from you.

Frequent Hack Scans

We'll scan the frontend of your site for suspicious changes every 6 hours - checking both your site, and any domains you link to for malware flags.

Hack Cleanup Assistance

If you do get hacked, you need to get the offending code off your site as soon as possible - preferably before the search engines notice, and you start to lose rankings. We'll help you get your site cleaned up and ready to go again.

Make Sure your Sites are Online

A site that isn't available does no good. Locker Subscribers enjoy uptime checks on each of their sites every 5 minutes - so if your site goes down, you'll be the first to know.